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Using blockchain to develop the Halal economy to form the largest DApps in the Islamic world.


Hitoaki Yamamoto

Lee Taeri
Vice President

Akio Miyashita
Senior Managing Director

Lee Byungjun
Managing Director

Shinya Kyutoku

Takaya Yoneo
Center Manager

Aika Hamajima
Personal Assistant

Gen Matsuda
Development Manager


Professor Sukoso

Professor Sukoso was born in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia, in 1964. After graduating from the Department of Fisheries at Brawijaya National University in Malang, East Java, he studied at Kagoshima University, where he received master’s and doctoral degrees in the field of fisheries science. has been obtained. After returning to Japan, he served as dean and vice-president of the Faculty of Fisheries, Brawijaya University. Director of the Laboratory for Halal Products and Food Quality, Brawijaya University (2012-2017), the Malang Halal Destination Working Group )” (2016–present) and founder of the Halalan Thoyyiban Indonesia Foundation and Halal Center Indonesia (2010– ). These achievements were recognized by the government, and from August 2017 to March 2021, I was appointed Director General/Head of Halal Product Assurance Agency of Republic Indonesia/Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Produk Halal. served. During that time, he also worked at the World Trade Organization (WTO-TBT) in Geneva, Switzerland, where he negotiated trade in halal products and headed the Indonesian delegation to bilateral meetings with other countries. Professor Sukoso is still active in promoting halal services at the Halal Toiv Science Center of Brawijaya University.